How We Got Here

How We Got Here

Bakawonawo started with a concern and an idea. The concern: How to counter negative perceptions of  Uganda and help foster and promote grassroots development. The idea: Help Elderly, Children working to overcome poverty in Luwero by shining a light on their work.

From the concern came the idea of Bakawonawo, an alliance of charity of groups of people working on the ground in Uganda to make a difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.

The challenges facing the people of Luwero in particular are complex and interrelated. Thus we set out to ensure that by bringing them together, these children would learn about each other, Through Aid-for- Luwero-sponsored events and on line, member organizations have come to do just that. They identify common problems, share best practices, and develop innovative solutions.

Bakawonawo has identified educating Ugandan children as they are of critical importance to Luwero development. When a child in Uganda gets the chance to go to school and stay in school, the cycle of poverty often is broken for her and her family. Agriculture is the economic engine of growth in most Luwero Regions. As populations continue to increase and growing seasons and rainfall patterns continue to change due to climate fluctuation, poor farmilies will depend on advances in Luwero agriculture if they are to better their lives.

Over the last seventeen years Bakawonawo membership has included more than 80 children. Today, as we scale down, we support about 150 Children