Who We Are

Bakawonawo is an orphanage in  Luwero – Uganda.Its nonprofits and we are partners working to help orphans throughout Uganda.

Our members are all dedicated to solving the complex, inter-related challenges facing Uganda orphans. We realize that, as effective as they each are on their own, they can be even care more when they approach Luwero’s orphans issues as a group.

Together our members, as partners on the ground in Luwero, touch almost every aspect of the Uganda orphans, Whether they are collecting and distributing books to orphans, introducing medical strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, or identifying and supporting people of the same category. Our members have one thing in common—a passionate desire to help the orphans of Uganda, solve critical problems and build a better future for their children and communities.

If you would like to support the work of (Bakawonawo), please make an online donation or visit our Other Ways to Give page.